Ascend higher

"These hands are full with things
holding us back for rather too long.
They seek to be freed to enable hand-holding
towards our highest purpose."

Timeless Teachings

Discipline stabilises life, establishes success; but that which rules life is not discipline.
It is the higher vibration which takes us towards finding our true self.

The most challenging part of karma is ‘having the same people to deal with & the same circumstances’ which we want to continuously grow out of.

Hence, the challenges here are only our ways to deal with them.
Therefore an opportunity at all times!

Never-ending cycle of life stops us abruptly to pacify the malefic effects of our karma, imbibe attributes needed to be humane.

Having learnt so much, the most respite-ful is de-learning from the many things that never worked. Knowledge is an obstacle to self-evolution. All these holdings of a learned mind are a cocoon of self-imprisonment.

Trying to ‘fit in’ is the biggest loss to how uniquely one has been crafted.

Life’s strategies can’t be based on life’s tragedies. The events may be catastrophic, but life itself can reverberate with joy if innately connected with the life force as it is.

The subtleness speaks the language of silence, reduces the time, the senses release their grip on the BEING, the bliss starts to appear...the joy begins...time waits, we move...

Imagine the really disturbing thing of the past which still does hold back from living life joyfully. If that struck like lightning—the revelation of the happening in its true form, in absolute totality—it is promised that it won't leave us the same person who we are right now.

Bubbling in the excitement of illusion is a pure deception of our own selves. To not know that there exists delusion is the biggest ignorance of our existence.

A stream of tears rolling down in the light of ‘knowing as it is’ - is an ineffable joy imbued with gratitude, incomparable to the fictitious bubble of excitement based purely on delusion.